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The National Institute for Jewish Hospice
Providing Education, Resources & Accreditation

for Jewish Hospice

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Established in 1985

NIJH was established in 1985 to help alleviate suffering in serious and terminal illness. Its 52,000 members are comprised of business and professional leaders, and a consortium of endowing foundations.

NIJH serves as a resource and educational center for hospices, hospitals, family service, medical organizations and all health-care agencies, educating them to the issues and challenges of serving the Jewish terminally ill.

24 hour toll-free number

A 24-hour toll-free number counsels families, patients and care-givers, and provides locations of hospices, hospitals, health professionals and clergy of all faiths. Toll-Free, 24-Hour Contact 1-800-446-4448.

NIJH Accredited Hospices

NIJH has accredited and reaccredited 225 Jewish hospice programs in the United States. We have assisted facilities in planning conferences, training staff and designing appropriate workshops to better serve the Jewish terminally ill.

The Jewish Hospice
Accreditation Conferences

NIJH provides hospice training and accreditation through the annual national conference, which takes place in November.

This conference brings together people from hospices across the country in related fields, including administrators, chaplains of all faiths, psychologists, nurses, bereavement counselor and social workers. It is an intensive day of sessions, presenting the best minds in the field to lecture and discuss all aspects of hospice and the Jewish terminally ill. For more information, click here.

Publications & Information

NIJH produces reliable resources for both the public and professionals. These include books, manuals, CD sets, booklets and other publications. They will be of interest and benefit to hospice professionals, volunteers, patients and family members alike. Click here for more information.

NIJH also publishes articles and reprints of material that is of interest to the hospice community.


The Perfect Introduction of Your Hospice
To Your New Jewish Patient and Their Family

Hospice NIJH Hope Box

Each Hope in a Box contains:

An introductory note from Rabbi Maurice Lamm

  • 2 Set CD – “Hope; A Powerful Ray of Sunshine”
  • Caring for Yourself When You Are Caring
    for Someone Who is Ill (booklet)
  • Prayer and Hope (booklet)
  • For Families of the Jewish Terminally Ill (booklet)
  • Singing Breaks the Spiritual Deadlock (booklet)
  • The Jewish Living Will

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